M01 series
Smart Delivery AMR

The robots are designed to share the workload from staff and free them from routine delivery tasks, instead, focus on value-added work.

The autonomous navigation system inside allows fast indoor mapping. The chassis is compatible with any custom-made top. Not only does the robots drive up productivity, but also the workflow.



Easy to Use:

M01 equips with industrial leading LiDAR for high precision Simultaneously Localization And Mapping (SLAM), which is able to build an indoor map for space of 10,000 m2 under 60 minutes and navigate autonomously without applying magnetic strip or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) to alter the environment.

Sturdy and Agility:

M01 is perfect to operate in space constraint area with minimum passage width of 90cm such as office corridor or in-and-out an elevator with capacity to carry up to 100kg of load.

High Flexibility:

Upper cabinet can be fully customized to satisfy most of the applications and delivers optimal solutions for hospitals, hotels, factories and restaurants.

Fleet Management System:

This cloud management system not only provide access to customers in monitoring all robots status including battery level and location, but also able to assign new task or updating software.

Dual Delivery Modes:

M01 comes in two delivery modes: Path Planning Mode-M01 will constantly monitor for obstacles on the planned path and calculate for optimal path in meters ahead AGV Mode-under this mode, M01 will stop when encounters obstacles and continues only if obstacles are removed.



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