M01 series
Autonomous Smart Delivery

A routine delivery task is essential but time consuming, your employees deserve to spend their time on a more productive task.

M01 smart delivery robot with autonomous navigation is fully capable to handle most of the delivery tasks for you.



Easy to adopt:

M01 is able to perform indoor SLAM thanks to its industrial leading LiDAR, which is able to generate a map in a 10,000 m2 space under 60 minutes without applying magnetic stripe or UWB(Ultra-Wideband) devices to alter the environment.

Small Size with Superior Ability:

M01 is perfect for space constraint area like in an elevator or office corridor for carrying up to 100kg of goods

High Flexibility:

Fully customization for different scenarios such as hospital, hotel, restaurant and factory

Fleet Management System:

M01 fleet management system not only allows customer monitoring robot and assigning task from the cloud, but also control M01 remotely and updating software OTA (Over-The-Air). Customer can install the system on either public or private cloud according to the requirement.

Dual Delivery Modes:

There are two delivery mode for select on M01: self-optimize path mode and constant delivery mode. When under self-optimize mode, M01 will make detour and recalculate the path when run into an obstacle. With constant delivery mode, M01 will stop when run into an obstacles and resume the planned delivery path when obstacles gone.



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